I Just Joined Avon – What’s Next?

Welcome to Avon!

Step 1 – Log into your Avon account

Sign in to your account on http://www.avon.com and take a look around. Start sharing your digital brochure and online store links right away!

We have a large library of helpful videos to help you grow and learn. View the YouTube training here.

Step 2 – Customize Your Store

Your online store is ready! Click on the “MY STORE” link to begin.

Make sure your family and friends know that they are shopping on YOUR STORE by customizing it with your favorite picture.

You can also modify the page and add your own flair.


Avon will email you when to activate your Avon wallet and transfer your 1st online store payment to a debit card, your bank, or to PayPal.

Step 3 – Update Your Account Profile & Download the Avon GO App

On your account profile link look for the option to OPT IN to be searchable online.

Step 4 – Let’s Make Money!

HOW MUCH MONEY would be helpful right now?

Earn money through sales of Avons iconic products

PLAN your outreach strategy. Challenge yourself to create a contact list of at least 50 people. Start off with your phone contacts, email address book, and Facebook friends


Go through your list and share your digital brochure or online store links with everyone on the list.

Physical brochures can be ordered on your account as needed. (Shipping fee applies)

Sample Text:

“Hi_________, I just joined Avon and my online store is now open. What are some of your favorite Avon Products? View my digital brochure (insert brochure link) and sign up to get special offers from me through Email”

You could also add a picture from the site of your favorite Avon product.

Set a goal to make at least 25 – 50 initial contacts

I use Project Broadcast to do bulk texting.

Step 5 – Review Incentives

View details of AVON’s latest incentives on your account on Avon.com. Click on manage business, then 👉 seller central, then 👉 look for the incentive hub 

There is usually a prize or reward when sales goals are met.

Why not earn them all?

Step 6 – Keep Growing Customers & Follow Up Consistently

All of your initial contacts are a waste of time if you fail to “FOLLOW UP”

As it gets closer to the end of the campaign go through your contact list to ask if anyone needs anything.

Be prepared for alot of “No’s” and many people who may not respond. That’s normal

Bottom line – KEEP TRYING, stay connected with your advisor and ask plenty of questions.

We are in this together – your success is our success💪💪

Welcome to Avon!

success is target

I’m Angelique Agee one of your Avon Advisors. I love helping reps earn and save money.

If you are not an Avon Representative, I welcome you to join us or contact your Avon Representative for more information.

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