5 Sales Tips to Maximize your Holiday Success

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas 🎶

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner. Tis the season where retailers look forward to an increase in sales volume and holiday shopping.

What will you do to make your business stand out?

Here are 5 sales tips to maximize your holiday success.

Be the “Holiday Hostess” for your business or company.

As a holiday Hostess, your job is to help your “network” of family & friends shop for christmas.

Let me help you choose the best gifts at the best prices.

Step 1 – Contact list

Get your list together of family, friends, neighbors, co workers, kids parents, friends or teachers. Think about everyone you know who shops for christmas. Go through your phone contacts, physical address book or email contact lists or social media contacts.

Step 2 – Review your holiday offers

What does your company sell that you would like for a gift? Think about your network and who would like what products, and why? Put together your top 10 list of holiday offers.

Step 3 – Marketing

These days it’s easy to create simple marketing right from your phone. It’s always great to have a physical demo, but not always possible.

  • Screenshot a picture from your phone of what you want to promote
  • Save product pictures from your company site or emails onto your phone or computer
  • Give out physical brochure or flyers
  • Order product demos
  • Tech savvy? Create flyers online using a photo editing app

Step 4 – Make initial contacts

Plan time to connect. Make phone calls, send bulk texts. (I use project broadcast). Send DM’s, Post on Social, send emails. Drop off physical brochures.

Sample script

“Hello_______ this is__________. Are you ready for Christmas? If so, I would love to be your Holiday Hostess and help you shop for Christmas.

This is one of our HOTTEST holiday products. (Attach a pic) See details (include site link) or let me know if how many I can order for you.

Eyeshadow Pallets Make Great Gifts!

Step 5 Follow up & Stay Connected

Continue the Conversation

It’s not unusual for people to not respond, especially on the 1st contact. Don’t take it personal.

STAY CONSISTENT with your outreach methods. People will appreciate your efforts. Switch around your offers. Different things appeal to different people.

Angelique Agee
Avon Sales Leader Since 1994

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