The Struggle and Juggle of your “Hustle”

The Hustle

According to, your “hustle” can be defined as many different things. Among them include:

  • To proceed or work rapidly or energetically
  • To push or force one’s way; jostle or shove
  • To be aggressive, especially in business or other financial dealings.
  • Slang. To earn one’s living by illicit or unethical means.
  • Slang. (of a prostitute) to solicit clients.

These are just a few. As we know the term “hustle” has both positive and negative connotations. From a business & life perspective, I’m focusing on the “Hustle” of your daily duties. How do you deal?

What does your typical day look like?

Are your daily activities pre-scheduled? Do you use a planner? How many “ROCKS” or “must do” duties do you have? If you are of working age, I would bet that you have three to five responsibilities or things that you have to or should get done in a day. Things like family, work and school tasks are most likely amongst the largest obligations

Back to school in my 50’s? WHAT??

It seems like yesterday when I enrolled in school at The University of Arizona Global Campus.
I just started my 3rd year in school. I cannot believe it. It’s been hard, but it’s been totally worth it

Sometimes you have to laugh

The TV show from the 80s, “In Living Color” poked fun at nationalities who work five and six jobs for a living. I can remember a time in 2020 where my late brother and I joked about how many “Jobs” I was doing at that time. We had a good laugh. Even Americans have multiple responsibilities.

Time Flys When Your Having Fun.

Time also flys when you are busy. Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time in the day to get everything done? Or do you feel like you have so much to do you don’t know where to start.

5 Things you can do to manage your “Hustle”

  • Determine your Main Objective – STAY FOCUSED
  • Write down tasks and goals
  • Declutter and Breathe
  • Make a schedule
  • Keep Family first

What do you do to manage your obligations?

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