CHRISTMAS 2021- My Top 10 Favorite Giftables

It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas! Decisions decisions. Who would like what? Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to shop for you?


Ever since I was a teenager I’ve always helped pick out our family’s gifts, wrap them and organize the gifting family celebrations. I LOVED wrapping gifts!

When Avon became a part of the family, everyone in my immediate family got something from Avon. I was Santa Avon. I knew what everyone was getting for christmas. My challenge was to make sure no one got 2 of the same gift from 2 different people. Learn more about Avon discounts

Here are my 2021 favorite giftables.

View the Holiday gift guide here.

fmg Glimmer Glow Up, Glim Up Mega Palette

Let me be your Santa this year!

I’m Angelique Agee, Independent Sales Leader in Avon. I’d love to help you choose holiday gifts for everyone in your family.

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