Live Online Shopping – Personal Service with a Digital Twist

I’ve worked in sales almost in my life. My favorite positions were in department stores where I could service customers on a one on one personal basis. I have sold just about everything. I loved helping people pick out their favorite designer handbag or fashion accessory, I also loved helping plus size women find clothes that flatter their figures.

Times have really changed

As a long time traditional sales representative with Avon, I had to adapt to the times and work the business on a more digital scale. Register for the next Live Shopping Event here

Avon Now brings the store to you!

A couple of clicks on your computer, tablet or phone and you are watching a live product demonstration with special offers and drawings by an Avon Product expert. All in the comfort of your home.

Use this link to register for our next Live Shopping Event. If you are connected with a representative, continue to shop with them and ask them for their special link.

Angelique Agee – Avon Independent Sales Leader

What I love most about being an Independent Sales Representative with Avon is that I can make people feel good about themselves and shop for their entire family, home and now even pets and kids. I work from home. I love what I do.

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