Finding the Perfect Home Based Holiday Earnings Opportunity

It’s that time of year again when many people are looking for extra income for the holidays. Something home based is optimum.

In your search ask yourself the following :

    How much time can I commit?
    How much money do I need?
    What qualifications and skills can I utilize?
    What am I passionate about? 
    How self motivated am I?

Choosing a home based business opportunity vs a traditional workplace with wages per hour has its benefits. There are so many business opportunities out there now. They all have the following in common.

  • Most can be easily worked from a cellphone or portable device
  • Most require a business launch or start up kit ranging from FREE to 200.00 or more.. 
  • Most have a network marketing component where you earn from referring others. 
  • Most have bonus incentives for reaching a goal in a specific time frame.

When looking at a home based business opportunity specifically think about these things:

  • Am I familiar with this product?
  • Who will I present my product to and how?  (face to face, via text, email, phone or social media) 
  • What are my beliefs about this company?
  • What are my favorite products or programs related to this opportunity?
  • What kind of personal discount or benefits does this company have? Weigh your options.
  • I have been with Avon 27 years, 16 of which have been on a full time basis. 

    I had been fired or laid off from just about every job I have ever had in my adult life. While I was a very hard worker I wanted to do things my way and on my time.. I was able to build my Avon business while working a full time job in Corporate America. As the business grew I used a calendar to be able to plan ahead and work with a tight schedule.

    I’m Angelique Agee. As an Avon business coach I can offer training, business support and guidance either online or in person.

    For a Limited time it’s free to join Avon.

    • Avon offers 20% – 40% commission/discount 
    • Vast product selection 
    • Product Guarantee
    • Free online store 
    • Free workshops
    • Prizes, trips, incentives and business development bonuses 

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