How Do I Get Started Selling Avon?

I get asked this all the time. Sometimes people are asking how to join Avon and sometimes people are asking once you join, what do you do next?

Join Avon for $0 for a Limited Time

Joining Avon is simple.

  • Go to
  • Choose a start up option. There is a complimentary virtual option or a $30 kit.
  • You are ready to start selling. You do not have to wait for your kit to begin selling.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are officially an Avon representative

Next steps

Start off with your favorite Avon Products – It’s easy to sell products you know and love.

SPREAD THE WORD – Build your clients by sharing pictures of your favorite products, online store and brochure links and the physical brochures.

Utilize the online training, email prompts and support from your immediate advisor. As an advisor it’s our job to support and guide you.

Be aware of incentives. don’t miss out. Stay on top of them or ask.

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

Don’t be like me.. I thought people would just pick up the book and call. This does work but you have to either get your name known in the community or online or put out hundreds of brochures.

NOTE Avon does not sell itself. Avon is well known.

Take time a few days before you order to FOLLOW UP! You will be surprised at how much customers will appreciate your contacting them.

These are brief tips on getting your business off the ground. Rinse, repeat and do it again for the next campaign. I hope you have found this helpful. I wish you the best on your Avon journey

I’m Angelique Agee, Avon Independent Sales Leader since 1994. I look forward to connecting with you. Learn more about me and my journey here

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