Do You feel like a Network Marketing Failure?

Do you consider yourself a network marketing failure? Have you joined many different direct sales/network marketing companies and never succeeded at any of them? I would’ve put myself in that same category 27 years ago when I first started in my direct sales/network marketing company, Avon.

From the words of Thomas Edison “I have not failed. I have just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.”

How true this is.. What have you done? What were the results? Could you do it again, maybe this time a little differently? The only people who fail are those who give up.

Sales in general takes a lot of time and patience to build. People buy products from people they know, like, and trust. I don’t think anyone likes to be pressured into buying something and as we find out, our family and friends to get tired of us constantly approaching them. We have to go outside of our comfort zone, connect and sometimes we just have to start over. This could be scary. Ask your business advisor for support.

Starting Out

Many people start in a direct sales/network marketing company with the people they know. Generally, the people they know will support them initially. What I noticed as a business advisor is that at the point when their friends and family stop supporting them, they give up. I encourage you to keep going. Keep trying.

You Can’t Give up

I’ve been in network marketing since 1994 and I have restarted my business three or four times making major changes to my process.

These are 3 things I’ve consistently done over the years to get over myself and my feelings of failure. I’m still here, I never gave up.

1) Build your network

Most network marketing companies tell us to start off with our “warm market” of family and friends. I recommend asking for referrals and also product testimonials from your family and friends to be able to expand your clientele. Maybe offer an incentive for referring people to you.

2) Use Your Company Products – Get Excited!

Think back to a time when you purchased a product that you loved. You naturally shared your excitement and love for that product to everyone you know. You told them where you got it, how to get it, how much it cost with genuine excitement. How can you sell some thing that you haven’t personally tried or learned about? There is usually a kit or special bundle for representatives to purchase. Take advantage of any offers.

People tell me that they came to the company to make money and not spend money, however the investment of 1st hand product knowledge and information will pay off in the long run. Work within your budget.

3) Get known

This is part of the building process. Sometimes we are shy to approach a stranger about our business and sometimes we may think we are bugging people. These are natural feelings. All you want to do is get known. The more contacts you make, the more people to follow up with and the more opportunity for someone to contact you.

Advertising such as business cards, flyers, car signs, social media, apps are all things that get your name known in your community for your business. Like any kind of advertising, people will seek out you. Chances are you will be approached by people. However what happens next is going to be up to you. Make the connection and start building the relationship from there.

You’re Not A Failure

You are success in the making. Keep trying different ways to make business connections. Eventually somethings going to work.

I am Angelique Agee, Independent Sales leader with Avon since 1994. My passion is helping people to grow successful businesses and save money on our great products. I’d love to connect with you and learn more about you. Follow my blog and let’s stay in touch.

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