How Selling Avon Works

I’m offen asked how selling Avon works. There are so many different ways to sell Avon, how it works depends on how you work it.

Avon is a Network Marketing and direct sales company. In 2019 Avon in the United States was acquired by LG H & H. ( Yes LG, the Electronics company). Avon is now known as The Avon company LLC.

Traditional Sales

Traditional selling works like this. Brochures are distributed to family friends neighbors coworkers and businesses or organizations.

Online Sales

The online sales format works in a similar process. With online sales the representative is promoting their online store with their customers versus a physical brochure. The customer places their order through the reps online store and the products are delivered straight to them. The online store is available 24/7 and the brochure can be view online as well.

Start taking orders immediately with your digital brochure

Are you ready to start making money? No physical brochures are needed. As soon as soon as your account is open you can start sharing your digital brochure and store links via text and social media. Just let people know you have opened an Avon business. They can shop from you 24/7 and have it delivered to their home in a few business days.

Some people may look at the digital brochure and ask you to order and deliver to them. That’s ok too. When you place their order through your account, you can order physical brochures.

Ordering Schedule

Avon has a flexible ordering schedule. Orders can be placed at any time in a two week period. Multiple orders can be placed as well and add to any orders already submitted during the two week campaign time frame.

Commission & Pay

At the time the order is placed, Avon charges the representative the discounted wholesale cost based on their level of achievement ( between 25% and 50%). New Representatives start off at 25% earnings, but are eligible for bonuses in the 1st 4 months.

The customers payment of the full brochure price plus sales tax and any processing fee covers the cost of your order. The money leftover is your money to keep. This is your net earnings.

Business Tools

A representative is responsible for purchasing their own brochures and business supplies and any shipping costs associated with their order. The customers processing fee can sometimes offset the shipping cost.

Once an order is placed, the representative can begin taking orders for the next campaign or they can try to get more sales for the current campaign. This process repeats itself every two weeks.

It’s important to get started immediately and stay connected to your Avon Mentor. They are there to help.

In Avon there are:

  • No quotas
  • No inventory required
  • No parties
  • Unlimited earnings potential
  • Free website
  • Free training
  • Low start up

Lessons Learned

My first piece of advice is to read EVERYTHING and do the online training on AVON U. You will receive correspondence via phone, email and text from Avon and your advisor. This information is very important if you’re trying to learn how New Avon works. If you have sold Avon in the past, you may feel like you know everything there is to know, however a lot of things have changed.

Ask Questions – You will get your immediate advisors contact information as soon as you join. Don’t wait for them to call you. Call them, text or email. Also, reply back to anything that they send you. They are there to support you. Communication is so important.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

I’m Angelique Agee, Avon Independent Sales Leader. I specialize in business development. I would love to learn more about how to help you with Avon

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