Can You Make Money Selling Avon?

Some people may say no and some people may say yes. There are many different ways to sell Avon and make money. Like any direct sales company there some people who are more successful than others. Your success will be dependent on you and your belief in the program. I have been with Avon since 1994 and have built a wonderful life as an Representative and sales leader.

I have built a successful business with Avon and have helped others build successful businesses. In my opinion, YES, you can make money with Avon. HOW MUCH will be up to you, your work ethic, goals and your personal network.

Most network marketing companies have a new representative bonus program to get you off to a fast start earning. My advice is learn the new representative program, stay connected with your advisor or mentor and complete any company sponsored training. Communicate is so important.

Avon‘s new representative start up programs have changed many times over the years. The current program offers an additional 5% commission when you reach sales quotas in the 1st two months with Avon.* 

Once the initial Pathway to Premier Bonus program has ended the rep earnings are based on how much they sell and depend on what sales level they end the program at. The earnings levels range from 25% to 50% based on which level you reach.

Much of your Avon business can be run by a cell phone.

Money is made two ways. Either by selling products or by recruiting team members. A commission percentage is earned when products are sold and as a sales leader, commission is earned off of the team members that they recruit.

To keep things exciting and moving at a fast pace there are plenty of incentives to encourage sales growth and engagement. The training is free and updated as new programs and products are introduced.

If you are thinking that Avon is a get rich quick plan, or that Avon sells itself, you are wrong. As a representative we present the products, share our testimonials, help people look good, feel good, and experience our iconic products. Having product knowledge and testimonials helps build customer trust and loyalty.

*This offer is subject to change. See most current new rep earnings programs here

I am Angelique Agee, Avon independent sales leader. This business has been a journey and is ever evolving. I invite you to contact me and ask me questions or join my Avon team.

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