The Foundation Fight is Over- Let’s Find your perfect match!


Have you struggled to find that perfect foundation for your skin tone? Especially if you are medium skin toned, lighter skinned African American or Hispanic. There seemed to be a color missing between medium and deep. Can anyone relate to this? Better days are here!

I have been struggling for years to find a makeup color to match my complexion. I have been told that the reason why I had so much trouble was because many makeup lines do not have a large selection of colors for my undertones.

What were undertones? How did I find out what undertones I had? I had been told I had “yellow”, undertones. That did not mean anything to me until I learned how to determine my “undertones”

Introducing MAGIX WAND by Avon. It comes in 16 creamy, blendable colors. Magix Wand is diverse. It’s a sheer to full coverage foundation and can also be used to contour or conceal imperfections

Order here or order through your Avon Representative.

Finding your undertones

Avon makes it very simple to find your perfect foundation shade with its new “Magix Wand” stick foundation. This chart shows various undertones based on one’s vein color and jewelry preference. It’s broken down by warm, neutral and cool categories.

The 1st step is to determine if you have “warm”, “neutral” or “cool” undertones

Color Intensity

The Magix Wand stick foundation is then broken down by intensity (light, medium, tan and deep). This chart that shows which magix wand colors match which undertones.If you have a medium complexion and you enjoy the beach in the summer you may opt for a color darker with the same undertones for that time of year.

Most foundation colors these days are broken down by cool, warm and neutral and then usually have an light to deep intensity.

It helps your to know what undertone you are before you go make up shopping. Are you cool warm or neutral or combination of two different categories?

Watch my video tutorial on how I found my perfect makeup color..

Contact myself or your Avon representative to help you find your perfect match. If this has been very helpful please share with people you know. Congratulations your foundation color matching struggles will be resolved soon 😍

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