Avon Rapid Pay – NEW!

I get asked all the time “Can you make money selling Avon”? Nowadays I can confidently say YES! It’s now easier than ever to actually SEE your earnings from Avon.

In 2019 Avon introduced “Rapid Pay”. In addition to earnings from traditional customers orders. Commission payments from online store orders are now paid within about 4 business days via direct deposit to your personal checking account.

In fact the entire business can be easily managed through a cellphone.

Here are some common questions

How do to join Avon?

Join here or contact your current Avon Representative. View my blog on “getting started with a click”

What is the start up cost?

It’s 30.00 to join. Choose from 3 free gifts options valued at 100.00 each.

How much can you earn from selling Avon?

Earnings vary and are dependent on sales volume. Generally new representatives earn 20-40% of their sales. There are programs and incentives to encourage productivity.

Here is an example with Avon’s current new rep incentive HIGH 5 ONLINE‘* (subject to change)

New Representatives with 5 unique online customer orders of 50.00 + will generate a 40% commission of 100.00 plus an incentive bonus check of 25.00.

The current new rep program “KICK-START” * offers a consistent 40% earnings every campaign that sales goals are met.

Connect with your advisor to plan strategies and answer questions.


Getting off to a good start takes persistence. “The only ones who fail are the ones who give up”

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