Make Fundraising “FUN”

“If I gave you $500 what charitable organization would you donate too? “

I am a fundraising specialist with Avon.

Avon does PTA/PTO approved fundraisers. We have several different ways to raise money for your cause, group or organization.

All that’s needed is a computer or cell phone and a cause that you are passionate about.

  • No flyers

  • No Red Tape

  • No Parties

  • No product to handle

  • No door to door selling

Setting up an Avon Online Fundraising is Simple.

  1. Tell us about your cause – what do you need funds for?
  2. How much money do you need?
  3. When are funds needed?
  4. Who will be able to help?

Once your fundraiser is set up you will have a SPECIAL LINK that connects directly to my ordering site. It clearly shows your organization and a wheel that displays your fundraising progress. It will look like this.


Share, Share, Share your special link with everyone via text, via email, via social media. Talk it up!

You and your group or organization will be actively promoting and sharing your special link..

Orders ship directly to the customer in 3-5 business days. Avon accepts credit cards, debit cards, paypal or Apple Pay

As orders are placed via the special link funds are accumulating. At the end of the fundraiser the portion of the agreed profit will be sent to the fundraiser chairperson.


Here is an example of the earnings potential with just 10 group participants :

10 Group participants with 3-5 minimum orders 40.00 each EACH

1200.00 in sales = 360.00 in profit.

2000.00 in sales = 600.00 in profit.

More orders, more profit potential

I LOVE IT! How do I get an Avon online fundraiser started?

LETS TALK more about your cause and how much money you are needing to raise and put a plan in place to make it happen.

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