I Just Signed Up – What’s Next?

Welcome to Avon!

Get started by logging on to http://www.avonnow.com to access your training on AVON U.

2) Your online store is ready! Make sure your family and friends know that they are on YOUR SITE by customizing it with your favorite picture. You can also modify the page look and add your own flair.

It’s also a good time to get set up on Direct Deposit. Earnings from online store orders are direct deposited within 4 business days of ordering.

3) Follow the link on http://www.avonnow.com to access Avon Social. Connect it to your social media accounts.

Pictures from Avon Social can be saved to your computer, tablet or phone then shared via text or email or uploaded to a Facebook business page, Pinterest, Twitter.

4) HOW MUCH MONEY would be helpful right now?

Ask your Avon Advisor to go over the formula for success. This is an easy formula to show you how many customers you will need to reach your earnings goal.

PLAN your contact. Challenge yourself to create a contact list of 50 people. Start off with your phone contacts, email address book and your Facebook friends.

Use the “Memory Jogger” list to help you remember other people. The Memory Jogger contact list is printable on Avon U.

5) MAKE CONTACT – Go through your list and start sharing your online store link (www.youravon.com/YOURNAME) or your digital brochure. (Ask me how)

Physical brochures can be ordered on http://www.avonnow.com as needed. (Shipping fee applies)


“Hi_________My Avon business is now open. View my store (INSERT WEBSITE LINK) and add your email to get special offers from me.

You could also add a picture from Avon Social of your favorite product

Set a goal to make at least 25 initial contacts

6) Currently Avon offers a 20.00 bonus with each increment of 200.00 in sales in a campaign period. See the “PATHWAY TO PREMIER” incentive details on http://www.avonnow.com

Along with this incentive, there is currently a free gift for new reps when they order 60.00 or more in their 1st Order. (Limited time only)

Lastly, all of this work is a waste of time if you don’t “FOLLOW UP”

Making the contacts is the easy part. In today’s world of instant communication sometimes we have to go back through with a phone call or other means of contact to make the sale. Be prepared for alot of “No’s” and many people who may not respond.

Bottom line – KEEP TRYING, stay connected with your advisor and ask plenty of questions.

We are in this together – your success is our success💪

Welcome to Avon!

I’m Angelique Agee your Avon Advisor. If you have not joined Avon I welcome you to join or contact your Avon Representative for more information.

Not a Representative? Join us!

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