Protein Shakes – Shaken up or Blended?

I love the benefits of a great Protein shake. There are many creative ways to design your perfect shake!

When Avon first Launched ESPIRA I had tons of fun creating my own recipes blended together in my Ninja blender.. I’m carb conscious therefore everything I added to the drink was taken into consideration.. I halfed the frozen fruit portion and added water with half a serving of any milk. I tended to make more of a serving than needed so I would share it with my husband lowering my carb intake because of the portion size.

This was fun and easy. The shakes were tasty. Overall my hunger was decreased and energy level increased. (Results may vary)

For time sake I only made these shakes on the blender when my morning was not hectic,.. So not too often lol..

Avon recently introduced the ESPIRA Plant protein shake “blender” bottle. I had heard of bottles like this but didn’t believe that anything could do better than a Ninja blender.

My step dad who has been using ESPIRA vitamins since January 2018 gave the ESPIRA plant protein shake a try using the blender bottle. Both he and my mom LOVED the taste of the Chocolate flavor and the ease of making it. He made it seem so easy.. I had never tried it using the bottle so I gave it a try..

WOW! What a huge solution for the very busy person who needs quick, fast protein shake portability! Oh my goodness! I’m in LOVE!

ESPIRA ON THE GO!! So easy and portable!

I added a half cup of water, half cup of cashew milk, ice and a scoop of ESPIRA chocolate flavor plant protein shake to my shaker bottle. OH MAN!! Talk about easy!! I shook it for 20 seconds maybe less and it blended instantly..

Made this way I’m getting 21 grams of protein 150 calories (milk included) and maybe 5 carbs. About a minute to make and 30 seconds to clean up. This was the solution I needed.

The ESPIRA Plant protein shake powder comes in a canister or individual packets.. I always keep samples on hand for anyone who wants to try it,

I would love to learn different recipes and your personal preference. Please share in the comments. If you had not tried ESPIRA Plant protein powder yet ask for a FREE SAMPLE!

The blender bottles are available at Avon

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