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Most network marketing businesses today have a recruiting component. I had been in the industry for 4 years before I recruited my 1st team member. Before that I really didn’t know the opportunity existed. I was raised with the mindset to believe you earn money by exchanging hours for dollars. 

The 1998 Avon Conference in Orlando Florida changed my thinking. I had a whole new prospective of this opportunity.. I have never missed a national Conference since..  GO TO YOUR CONFERENCES! 

Maryleigh Mcgee, Sharon & Broderick McCants and Treneice Mixon at the 2017 Nashville Conference

Until I learned of what long term success with the recruiting opportunity looked like it was not real to me. After attending the national  conference in 1998 I suddenly realized the big picture. 

  • I was inspired by a representative who shared from the stage that she had 300 team members and her pay was $2,300 every 2 weeks. That was earnings just off her team. 

Suddenly it made perfect sense. I loved my business. I loved helping customers. It was fairly easy to see profit. I could show others how to do this.. I was fascinated by the residual income concept. I was working so hard. I was 30 years old with a full time job, a part time job and a small business. I was selling 30k to 5Ok in products a year and I had just gotten married. 
My husband always jokes that when we got married he got a package deal. With me came a cat and a business. 😃

My mindset changed when I discovered the earnings potential with sharing the business opportunity that I loved. I didn’t know how or who but I had a goal and I was determined to make it. The reward back then was a 100.00 bonus when one recruited 5 business partners. I went after that bonus with avengence and laser focus. 


My goal was based on the bonus back then. Today my mindset is a little different. I have seen the fruits of alot of hard labor. I know the steps to completing a task and reaching a goal and alot of the things I did 19 years ago paved the way for my business as I know it today. 

These were a few things I did on a consistent basis that I still do today:

  • When I started my team I set out to create a reputation of a team recruiter. 
  • My mindset was one of which I was going to reach this goal no matter what. 
  • Don’t give up! 

I had almost given up when it was near the end of the bonus time frame and I had not reached my goal of 5 representatives.  I asked one more person. This was a referral from my mother in law.  SHE SAID YES! What if I had gave up? At that time this bonus meant a whole lot. How would my business be different if I had not persisted?

  • My 1st tip is to make up your mind that you are going to help others become successful. Zig Ziglar says: “You can have everything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want”  

Adapt the mindset that you want to share your business opportunity with others to help them reach a goal or dream. “Find needs and help people meet their needs”  

    Once you make up your mind you have won half the battle. Set goals, make a plan and DO IT! 

    Get ready for the ride of a lifetime.. YOU CAN DO IT  #MINDSET

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