Get your Valentines Date look together..Check out the latest Skincare.. Welcome to my 23rd Avon Anniversary Favorites! 

My Avon journey began in brochure #4 1994, February 1st,  23 years ago..  Who knew that this business venture that I joined at my grandmother’s advice, kicking and screaming would change my life.  It’s great to have people who believe in you ❤️

Welcome to Campaign 4, my Avon 23rd Anniversary Campaign!  

Explore my favorite products by clicking on the pics below!! 

I LOVE The new Nutra Effects Skincare! The non-greasy gel formula dissolves almost instantly into your skin upon application. My skin felt soft and supple after just one nights use. choose the one that best suits your Skincare concerns.. 

Do you have your RED DRESS for Valentines day? This beautiful red dress compliments all figures. Be sure to wear your LITTLE RED DRESS Eau De Parfum  or Today, Tomorrow, Always fragrances when go out! These beautiful fragrances will last all day and all night! 

Skin So Soft still reigns as one of Avons most well known products! There are over 100 uses for this product. 

Recently Avon introduced the triple phase body oil. This has 3 different oils that blend together to keep your skin Smooth and hydrated. 

PUCKER UP!! Dont forget your lipstick.. We have many different formulas to choose from. From matte to high gloss.. We have something for everyone! 

Eyeliner and shadow create the perfect finish! Be adventurous and try a color you never tried.. Have fun with makeup! 

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The Avon earnings opportunity offers great  benefits and incentives.. I ❤️ Referrals!! 

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Happy Valentines Day! 


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