Home-based business? I Too Was the Typical Skeptic..

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In today’s world of instant gratification and access to everything it’s good to research businesses thoughly before engaging. I did not understand anything about Direct sales, home based businesses or network marketing when I joined Avon 23 years ago but I learned.

I was as skeptical as most but joined Avon when a voice inside told me to “try it, I had nothing to lose”

Flash back to 1993. I had purchased Avon from a few different representatives over the years. Avon was affordable, the products were nice. Gone were my extravagant days where I lived with grandma and had tons of extra money for Estee Lauder and Chanel. I had spent 17.00 with tax on Avon eyeliner, lipstick, Polish and eyeshadow. I remember in the past paying 20.00 for a Chanel brand nail polish.  Never did the thought of SELLING AVON or having my own business enter my mind..  NEVER..

Way before Avon my dad (who worked in outside sales) went over the benefits of working in commissioned sales. He made very good money. I just couldn’t see it. He was a great salesman while I didn’t feel I was very good at sales. I was raised to get an education, get a job and trade hours for dollars.. So why was he telling me to do otherwise?

late 1993 my grandmother suggested that I join Avon. I told her NO WAY and ended the conversation. She passed away in January 1994. In February 1994 I started Avon. I had nothing but retail sales experience and I really thought that that was all I needed to know. Boy was I wrong.. But I learned..

So here I am with these brochures, a foggy understanding of network marketing and a disbelief that I could possibly earn money this way. I gave out the brochures. I think I got three orders and earned 14.00 on the 1st Order.

  • So what was the reason I stayed with Avon when others left so quickly?

Avon was FUN. It was EASY. Take orders, collect money, pay Avon your cost and keep your profit. SIMPLE.. It took me a couple years to figure out how to earn off my sales, but when I did, I was a believer.. At that point I felt EVERYONE needs to know about this!! I sought out to be known as an Avon recruiter and in 1998 the AVON STAR TEAM was born!

Fast forward to Today New Years Eve 2016.. I am living my Dreams. We are Avon business owners, we earn a living with Avon! Who would have ever imagined as I was so skeptical in the beginning. It’s been a wild and incredible ride! I lead an awesome team of sales Representatives! The journey continues…

Avon has it all. All the tools to help someone become successful and earn immediately. Everything in very clear steps in different formats and for different skill levels. The network marketing industry is bigger than ever now and information/support is easily accessible.

I invite you to contact me about Avon with your questions or concerns. I’m sure at one point I probably felt the same way but I stuck with it, I am still here and it was worth it!

I welcome your comments. Happy New Year!!

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