Angels Favs! Top 10 Products from the Campaign  2 Brochure

Happy New Year! 

Traditionally many of us take this time to evaluate our lives and make enhancements/improvements to our already great assets right?  😀😀😀

I selected my top 10 favorite products from Avons campaign 2 brochure that will help one look good, feel good and be a little more organized. Shop my  online store  24/7 for fastest delivery and online specials 

#1 This bag has a multitude of uses.. Comes in both blue and green. 

#2 & 3 


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#4 & 5 My top Skincare picks for 2017. What are your Skincare concerns? We have something for everyone.. 

#6,7 & 8

These are some of my favorites from the jewelry, Mark. and footwear product categories. Accessories make the outfit 😀😀

#9 &10 

Keep your body soft and moist from head to toe.. Avons Skin So Soft, Moisture  Therapy and Footwork products some of the top selling products.

What are your favorite products from Avon? Post in the Comments.  Sign up to recieve my monthly newsletter 

Wishing everyone a Happy Happy New Year!! 

Much Love & Success!!


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