Marketing Mania with Sample paks 

The sample pak was introduced to me years ago by my then Avon district sales manager, Vicki Mitchelmore.  I had used these in the past as a business tool alternative to an Avon brochure.. however I was not consistent..  

I am always looking for opportunities to enhance my Avon business. I borrowed a page from my Avon friend Milagros Garcias book and put together my own spin of the sample paks. AKA bombitas as Milagros calls it. 

I challenged myself to pass out 20 sample paks to people I did not know.  It took me about 2.5 hours. I did it again the next day.. 

My 1st thought when I started this was WOW .. Really Angel?? Lol. I pushed through and it got easier. At sample paks #12 I found a new customer who placed a 130.00 order. She approached me because of my name tag from Thanks Roy Barsati! Sample pak #20 shared with her coworkers and gave me another 100.00 in orders.. 

The packets are an inexpensive business tool that pay off over time. Get names, Connect with people on social media. Follow up.. 

Let’s break down the cost. 

  • Mints -6.00 (315 pieces) Walmart 
  • Snack size sandwich bags – 3.87 for 200. Bags. (Walmart GV brand)
  • Business cards.. 9.99 + shipping for 250 ( sign up for specials) or free on Avon advantage (just pay shipping – no minimum order)
  • Sale flyers. Avon sends me so many per regular brochure that I order 
  • Samples.. Get the sample bundle offers – Great Savings!

I challenge you to set a goal to pass out 20 sample paks a day, get names and numbers and follow up. The more items with your contact information that are in people’s hands, the more chance to get recruits and customers.. 
Can’t get out? Contact people on different social medias and put a packet in the mail. It costs a little more but every little bit helps. 
Net income per hour for the day – 20.00 per hour. Let me know how you make out!! 

If you are reading this and not currently in Avon, give it a try! 

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