Avon Table Events 

Interested in setting up table events?   Here are a few suggestions .  

  • Do not try to make it perfect your 1st try.  Do your best. 
  • You do not need to spend a lot of money on table cloths, signs displays , inventory .  Start off with what you have and use your “regular profit” to purchase these things over time. 
  • Don’t have a regular profit yet?  Set a goal to earn xx dollars to be able to do this.  You do not want to come out if pocket with this.  Earn 1st then spend.  
  • Go into this with an open mind and open heart.  
  • Shop around for vendor events that work with your budget.  Share costs with team members or other reps.  This is a tax deductible expense .  
  • Always have a few things : business cards, recruiting flyers, lead cards to collect information 
  • It’s good to have with you: a tablet or smart phone (for on the spot enrollments) 
  • Collect names and numbers of everyone who stops by or ASK to add them to your estore database . 
  • If you liked the place ask can you set up at this location again.  People like to see consistency . 
  • Keep trying different things with this.  Use different promotions, maybe have a drawing or offer a special discount or free gift. Be creative .  Think about what attracts you to a particular table at an event. 
  • Table events do not always have to have products.  Give out brochures,  flyers or recruiting information . Get names and numbers and FOLLOW UP
  •  Offer a survey 
  • Seek help from mentors 
  • Don’t give up! 


Job Fair
Vendor Event
Somerby Retirement Community, Mobile Alabama

From the HEART

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