Making That 1st Sale – Earning with Avons Kickstart Program 

Note: This program may be changing in late 2019

Making your first sale in any business can be challenging.  It’s been almost 26 years since beginning my Avon business but I still remember my initial struggles. I stuck with it because Avon was alot of fun.  Times are so different now.  The Avon opportunity is A LOT more lucrative and there are several ways to advertise and build a successful business. 

Step 1: Why Avon? 

What prompted you to join Avon? What are you trying to achieve?  

Start with a Specific Goal. This goal needs to be something that will drive you to do the things necessary to build your business. Examples –   I need to buy school clothes for the twins. I want to go on a Disney vacation, I need to pay for school books.  

Write down how much money you need to achieve the goal. 

Here is a cheat sheet for new reps in Avons current program – Kickstart. Earn 40% when Kick-start sales goals are met. When you sell more, you earn more.

Look for more information on about the Kickstart program. 

Kick-start sales goals start in your 2nd campaign

  • 2nd order – Sell 150.00 – Earn 60.00
  • 3rd order – Sell 200.00 – Earn 80.00
  • 4th order – Sell 250.00 – Earn 100.00
  • 5th order – Sell 300.00 – Earn 120.00
  • 6th order – Sell 350.00 – Earn 140.00
  • 7th order – Sell 400.00 – Earn 160.00
  • Total 660.00 in the 1st 90 days 

Example- You are trying to earn 160.00

To earn 160.00 in Kickstart you will have to sell 400.00

400.00 in sales divided by the average customer spend of  $20.00 equals 20 customer orders. That number of customers decreases when your customers are purchasing more.  

Step 2: Building  Customers 

There are many ways to build customers both on and offline. Below are a few different methods. Choose what works best for you.   

Utilize today’s technology. Text, email, social media provide an easy way to reach people FAST.  Save or upload pics from Avon Social to professionally promote your business.

Here is an example of content from Avon Social. When you share these a person can click on it and be directed right to your online store.

Other ways are vendor fairs and flyers. Open houses/parties, tossing brochures in neighborhoods 

Work through the numbers by building your customer base through different contacts,  word of mouth, snail mail, referrals, text or social media.

You never stop building customers.  Not every customer will purchase from you every time.  

Include your contact info on EVERYTHING – Name, phone number, email address, online store address, join Avon link.

I use labels on my brochures. We have easy pre-formatted Avon labels from Avery. Ink stampers work as well. You can also design Labels on Vistaprint.  

Business cards and flyers can be designed as well on Vistaprint or Town and country printing on Avon Advantage. 

When you give out a flyer, brochure or business card be sure to get a way to contact them later. Text them your store link and the WELCOME10 discount code. When they have your link they have immediate access to your store.

Connect on social media. Invite them to “LIKE” your Facebook business page or join your group.

Step 3: Education 

Take time to do your initial training online on Avon U. Learn sales skills and techniques and how to get around our representative website

The “Avon Insider” link on is a quick and easy way  to learn current product information and selling tips.  

Follow motivational speakers..  Les Brown,  Jim Rohn,  Earl Nightingale, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell just to name a few. 

Education is ongoing and helps you to build yourself as a brand.   

Step 4: Branding  Yourself 

What is Special about Avon? What is special about you? Why choose to purchase Avon products from you? Why your “brand”? 

While you are promoting Avon think of ways to attract people to you and keep them coming back.. What can you offer? Some examples include :A piece of candy, free samples, an incentive to purchase (buyers club), fast and great service, thank you cards, special offers via email or mail, comeback coupons. Gift wrapping, A big hug and smile.. accept credit cards, gift certificates..  So many things…

Step 5: Follow up 

Follow up is probably the most important part of being in business.  The customer will tell you if they do not wish to be contacted or what method is best for them.  Start off with a phone call, email or text depending on what you have.  Private messages on social media work well too.  “Just checking to see what you need from campaign X?” or “How do you like Avons great new TV Commercial?”  keep it simple.  The more contacts you make,  the more opportunity for someone to place an order or join your team.  

Step 6: Money Management 

Managing your Avon money is imperative.  I encourage you to open a separate checking account or use a prepaid debit card. Also apps and programs such as PayPal, cash app and Square make taking credit card or debit card payments simple. With all of these money can be transfered to your bank immediately.

Traditional ordering on is easiest when prepayment is recieved. Put their funds in your bank or on a prepaid card and pay your discounted cost with your bank card.

It’s very easy to see your earnings when customers shop on your online store. Earnings are direct deposited from online store orders in about 4 business days.

Step 7: Build your Team! 

The KICKSTART program pays you when you add team members. You earn 150.00 when your 1st 3 recruits have a paid 1st order of 150.00 or more. Be sure to let people know that they can join Avon very easily with you from a link on your online store.

Use pictures from Avon Social social to advertise for recruits as well.

Rinse and repeat! ☺️☺️☺️
Follow these steps each campaign to build your Avon business. The access to information is EVERYWHERE. Stay connected to your Avon Advisor. Perhaps even create an Avon email address to filter your important Avon emails.  Join our Facebook team page  to stay on top of the latest news and information. 

Lastly,  don’t give up! 

I wish you the best of luck with your new Avon business!! 
Angelique Agee 

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