“I don’t have time..” 

How many times a day either do you say “I don’t have time”  or have someone say that to you? It’s ironic that I’m writing about this topic  because over the last few weeks I have been scheduled so tight that I found myself too saying it. I have always been able to manage time well but these last two weeks have been challenging to say the least.  

In 2005 I found myself the absolute busiest I have ever been in my entire life.  I was working a full time job in Corporate America, leading a team of maybe 100 Avon sales representatives and selling 2000.00 in products  every 2 weeks.  Everyone would tell me they don’t know how I did it. I too had to learn how to get it all done.  Back then I used a simple blank calendar in MS Word.  I wrote down my work hours including lunch times and breaks. I scheduled in everything else around work and took advantage of every minute. Was it tough?  You bet!  I was able to do it all because everything had its place on the calendar and after I scheduled everything I found areas of time available for other things.   We FIND the time to do what we WANT to do.  

I asked my team members how they manage their life &  businesses.  Helaina Nahlik from Illinois  mother of 6 has to plan her time carefully.  She uses a full size planner,  desk and wall calendar as well as her phone.  Along with being in college she has recently returned to the working world.  Managing her time is a must. 

“My system is simple, its color coded-I used various highlighter colors to code my tasks-one color for the kids, another for my biz, another for the pets, and another for me and hubby”

“I keep a purse sized planner on me ALWAYS . When I’m out and something comes up I make a note and set an alarm on my phone so when I get home I can write down the details in my planners.” 

Helaina has a rigorous schedule that starts at 4am she takes time in the morning to go over her to do list and prepare for the day.  People tell her all the time that they don’t know how she juggles family, Avon,  school and work. Helaina  attributes it all to planning and organization. “There is no such thing as not enough time, because if you want it badly enough you will make the time to do it.” 

Helaina Nahlik

Angie Blackmore from Tennessee is fairly new to Avon and organizes her schedule around the events she is involved in.  She devotes certain days of the  week to work her Avon business.  In a typical 8 hours Angie’s promotes Avon on social media, sends out reminder texts, does computer work,  distributes brochures.  She is able to work this in along with Football and grand babies. Every event is an opportunity to share a brochure and a sample.  Even at yard sales..  Anytime, Anywhere, Always Ask as the Avon Slogan says Lol. “I love meeting people and making friends and I absolutely love making them beautiful and smell good” Angie happily states. 

Angie Blackmore

Helaina and Angie shared just a few examples of ways to manage your life and business.  Both have a system in place and both have the same 24 hours in each day to work it.  Thinking about a home based business with Avon ?  Contact your local Avon Representative or learn more about Avon here. #BOSSLIFE

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