Product Review – Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Cream

As a fan of Avon Anew skincare products I am always excited to try the latest and greatest in skincare.  I found that with most Anew products they do what they say they are supposed to do.  

Anew Ultimate Supreme is no different.  It contains Tahitian Black Pearl extract and Avons exclusive anti aging celluvive complex to fight wrinkles. Tests have shown it to deliver 12x more moisture than Lancome products that cost over 300.00.  Anew Ultimate Supreme will sell for an intro price of 34.99.

I have very sensitive skin.  I had problems with acne up until the age of 38. Finally Avon clearskin professional cleared it up.  Once under control I used Avon Banishing cream, and Anew Absolute Even face creams  to clear up any blemishes and scars caused by acne. 

My skin is still sensitive with occasional adult acne flare ups.   In testing Anew Ultimate Supreme, I was a little scared. My 1st concern – will it breakout my skin? 

Initial Discovery – Anew Ultimate Supreme spreads easily with a tiny amount.  It dries quickly into the skin and does not have a greasy feel. 

Day 1 

After applying a minimal amount on clean skin at bedtime the night before my skin felt tight and smooth with a clean fresh appearance. My makeup went on smooth and my skin looked flawless.  No breakouts on that 1st day of use.  All I could say was “WOW”!  

Day 2

The next morning I found very similar results  It was still soft, supple, tight and firm.  I felt refreshed.. Still no problems with breakouts.  

Day 3 

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I had thought I felt an acne bump starting but nothing ever developed..  No breakouts,  not irritation. I did however apply a little too much one day and I could still feel it the next morning.  A small bit will spread nicely.  

After the first week I had no more issues. The product worked wonders.. The thing I noticed most was how firm and healthy my skin felt each morning. Before applying makeup  I also use Anew Vitale lotion or cream and the Anew Clinical resurfacing fluid..  To clean my skin I use Anew clean.  

Use the skincare advisor to discover the products best for you.  

To sum it all up Anew Ultimate Supreme delivered as promised.. 

My skin felt.. 

  • Tight
  • Firm 
  • Soft
  • Supple
  • Radiant
  • Clear
  • Smooth
  • Refreshed 

ANEW Ultimate is now available here!   For all other skincare concerns or shopping with visit my site at or contact your local representative. 

Check out my First 3 days of testimonials on YouTube! 


  1. Kate says:

    The only down side of this product is I am surprised at the packaging. It is well know by now that creams in jars lose their effectiveness when they come in contact with oxygen. The optimal packaging should be in a tube with a small tip, so that light and air does not affect the antioxidants, etc. Also bacteria from hand dipping the jar can be icky too. Put your best stuff in a tube Avon.

    1. Hi Kate. Thanks for your honest feedback. I will share this with Avon.

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