Beauty Image Success 

When I was 20 years old I remember having a conversation with my dad about what I was interested in.  He asked me “what did I want to do with my life”? Really at that time I did not know.  I simply told him” I want to help people “. I wanted to help people feel good about themselves.  I was a happy girl who weighed around 240 pounds at the age of 20. I liked to shop and clothes and makeup made me feel so good.  

The year was 1988,  I was a student at Emerson College in Boston majoring in Television production.  I was fascinated by the cameras,  lights and studio atphmosphere.  At my size and weight  I had to go to specialty stores like Lane Bryant to shop.  I remember paying 75.00 for a blazer back then to use for a school TV project. Back then that was a lot especially since I was only going to wear it maybe once. I LOVED to SHOP! I told my dad I wanted to be an image consultant.  

We put a plan in place to start a business.  I created handwritten flyers with 4 on a page,  made copies and put them on cars.  The flyers read something along the lines of “Image Consulting, I can help you look and feel your best at any size”.  I was a plus size girl and dressing up made me feel good.  I had a very good self esteem for a young person with a more curvy body.   I knew I could help others feel better too.  Well, no one responded to my flyers and I pretty much gave up on that dream.  

I continued to get more involved in makeup,  clothes and hair.  I was the only college student who wore high heels,  dresses and makeup to classes.  I worked at Filenes department store after school so I had to look nice.   

In 1991 after moving from Boston to Navarre Florida I was approached by a district manager from Lane Bryant plus size clothing store.  She offered me a job as a manager in their Mobile Alabama. She said she chose me because of how I was “put together”.. This was funny because I was working in a 1 hour photo lab and dressed like I was going to a fashion show.  Everyone else wore jeans and tee shirts.  I wore dresses,  skirts and heels.  So I was dressed for success when this manager approached me.  I enjoyed my years at lane Bryant.  I loved helping plus size ladies chose clothing. I formed nice relationships.  Even today people in town remember me from my days at lane Bryant.  

Now I am grown, I am self employed with Avon and lead a team of awesome Avon representatives.  I achieved a childhood dream.  I have the opportunity to help people every day and I LOVE WHAT I DO!  I enjoy fashion and makeup more than ever..  I have the ability to have all the pieces to an outfit right at my fingertips. The whole package.  I have learned over the years about colors, and body types.  Jewelry styles and what flatters what type neckline.  I still enjoy the camera, TV and video and have thought about ways to incorporate everything together.  

The purpose of my new Facebook page Beauty Image Success is to be able to showcase the products in the brochure in detail making it easier for prospective customers to put together a outfit or look.

  Shopping at is easy.  Sign up for discounts and special offers.  1st time shoppers enjoy a 20% discount off their 50.00 order when they use the code “WELCOME” at checkout.  

Helping others to build a successful business is also close to my heart.  I am always seeking sales professionals or anyone with a serious desire and dream to achieve. Joining Avon is simple.  Go to then use my reference code AAGEE 

So the young girl who just wanted to help people ended up helping hundreds over the years in different ways. There’s still more to come.. 

The journey continues… 

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