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August 1998

At the last minute I decided to attend my very first Avon conference in Orlando Florida.   I had recently learned about Avons recruiting program called  “Leadership” and was eager to learn more.  At that time I had been in Avon for 4 years and was still working a full time job in Corporate America

The Orlando conference was HUGE. There were over 6,000 representatives there. I stayed alone in the beautiful Peabody hotel and was upgraded to a suite. It was a huge beautiful room all to myself with garden tub, plush robe, huge bed etc.. Thank goodness everything else was paid for because the hotel took up every bit of my money. Remember I didn’t plan to go so I had very little money.

There were several seminars. One of the speakers at a seminar was a top leader. She shared how she had a team of 300 reps and was earning $2,300.00 residual income off her team every two weeks. I was a supervisor in Corporate America earning maybe 1200.00 a month. 4600.00 a month looked really nice. At that point I made up my mind that I was going to be a leader.

It was also so inspiring  to see other top Avon sellers being recognized for selling $100,000,  $200,000, $500,000.00 in products in a years time.  Wow..  Can you imagine earning 50% of those amounts with this “little piece of business” as my dad would refer to my business as while speaking with a West Indian accent lol..  I was inspired.  I could do way better than I was doing.  

I made new friends from all over the USA.  We didn’t have social media back then so a simple business card worked great! I stayed connected and met with them again at future conferences. I LOVED the name  badges.  It’s just a badge with ribbons but I have kept every one of them since 1998. I set a goal to have the badge title move up from year to year.  I wanted to move up in recruiting AND sales.

It took some years and a few tears, bumps and bruises but I hit the speaker from the 1998 conference earnings.  I was also able to leave my full time job and sold almost 50,000.00 in products in one year.

Even if recruiting is not for you, you will learn ways to build your sales and income to the level you desire.

This year at REPFEST 2016 the View from the Top co authors are included in the seminar lineup.  Come check out myself along with Co Authors from Volume 2 & 3 on August 3rd @9:00am

I encourage you to invest in your personal development and register for the REPFEST 2016. It’s more affordable than you think, a tax write off and opportunity to grow  your business bigger than you ever imagined.

Don’t wait until the last minute like me.. Lol start saving NOW!

Not in Avon? Sold Avon in the past? You would not believe the enhancements Avon has made.

Check out the opportunity page on my site and feel free to ask questions. http://www.sellingbeautydirect.com

Hope to see you in Vegas!!


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