Cherish the Gift!

 In 1993 at the age of 25 I was an independent, strong willed happy confident, typical young person who thought she knew it all. My life was basic. I worked a full time job at a retail store and looked forward to parties on the weekend. I had 40.00 left after I paid all my bills every two weeks. Seriously, I thought life was good.

Then my grandmother stepped in and presented me with a GIFT. I did not think it was a GIFT at that time so I shrugged her off and told her ” NO WAY WAS I SELLING THAT OLD LADY STUFF!” Yes she was suggesting that I sold AVON. WHAT? After all I was a department store make up junkie.. Channel, Este Lauder, Clinique, Fashion Fair. I Loved playing with make up!

4 months later in January 1994 my grandmother passed away. I looked up to the sky and told myself.. ” Let me try this AVON thing”

February 1st 1994 I accepted “MOM’S” (that’s what we called my grandmother) GIFT from the HEART and opened my Avon Business.

Little did I know back then that I was building a retirement plan. I worked the business along with a full time job – YES YOU CAN work a full time job and do Avon – and got laid off from my job in Corporate America in 2005.

Fast forward to today..22 years with Avon.  I have built a wonderful business and a wonderful life. Who knew that my husband and I would both have medical issues preventing us from working a regular job. I worked it HARD in the beginning so that I CAN work at a slower pace now. We are living the #BOSSLIFE 

I work will a group of very talented sales reps who are my Avon Stars. I can truly say that I enjoy going to work and LOVE the FLEXIBILITY of working from home on my time and my terms. So if you see me posting about Avon all the time it’s because it I have watched my team and other representatives build successful business, leave their jobs, earn recognition and awards, become top sellers and live their lives the way they want. It’s a passion inside of me and I want others to know the possibilities.

Ups and downs in business? YES! Many.. What if I had given up? Sure would not be a post like this

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  1. Rosa Hamlin says:

    Thanks for posting Angelique. I always enjoy your store. I love when you post on facebook because I learn something all the time and is inspired by what you post. When you sign the View From The Top you told me Avon representatives are strong women. I really didn’t feel that strong after my daughter passed away. But each day I get up and press on anyway. I love my Avon Business. I made AUL by Christmas 2014 and lost it again. Now I have put on a new attitude and ready for it. Thanks again for sharing your story.

    1. angel4avon says:

      Thanks Rosa. sweet words. keep working with all the gifts you have in your heart. know there will be obstacles but know you will get through them and learn from it. See you soon!

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